Set up in 2007, Lexplosion Solutions Private Limited (www.lexplosion.in) is India’s leading Legal and Compliance Management Company. Backed by seasoned business and legal experts; Lexplosion works with clients in providing end-to-end compliance management solutions. Komrisk, its compliance management software for large enterprises is a market leader and is currently deployed in over a hunded Fortune 500 and large Indian businesses.

Lexplosion is headquartered in Kolkata and has offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Lexplosion’s goal has always been to make law more accessible to businesses of all scale and size. Keeping in mind the growing need for a simple but effective compliance solution for India’s burgeoning Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Lexplosion has recently launched, Komplify (www.komplify.com) - a first-of-its-kind online compliance solution – exclusively for MSMEs.

Lexplosion’s team of legal professionals also assists clients with additional compliance management support such as regulatory audits; research and compliance training. Lexplosion also assists clients with various litigation and compliance management projects.


Lexplosion believes that enterprises across the world by and large want to be on the right side of the law. Yet, because of the complexities, most of them grapple constantly with understanding the law and its impact on their business. Interpreting the law has historically been the exclusive domain of a small and finite group of trained professionals, namely, the lawyers. As a result, getting appropriate and accurate legal advice has always been both expensive and time consuming, making it the prerogative of a small group of successful corporations. The rest are mostly playing catch-up with the law. Since laws in civilised nations are generally just and equitable, Lexplosion believes that complying with them helps society at large – the people who work in the businesses; the environment they function in; and the economies in which they operate. Lexplosion’s vision is to make law inclusive i.e. provide quality legal support to businesses across all stages of corporate evolution, irrespective of scale and size of operation at an affordable cost. In short, simplifying laws for businesses across the world and making them easier to comply with is Lexplosion’s vision.


We believe that to fulfill our vision, we need to use the finite corporate legal skills in a manner that it can reach every section of the business community. We have, therefore, since inception been marrying law with scalable technology and “Innovating Legally”, which is our tagline. The outcome of this is India’s first fully standardized regulatory compliance database hosted on the pioneering cloud-based compliance management solution, Komrisk. To take our vision to the next logical level, we have now attempted to codify complex legal analysis that goes into identifying laws and compliances using a highly evolved algorithm and come up with Komplify. This will allow small and medium businesses know their critical compliance requirements through a fully automated solution. Lexplosion will continue to work on technological innovations to make others aspects of law inclusive and will always hire the brightest minds in law; accounting; management and technology to continuously achieve its vision.